Beginning the Nomadic Journey with Family

This will be a continuous article of how we prepare our digital nomad journey.


10/22/2021 2 min read

When we have a deep-serious discussion on something, the first thing which is probably going to be asked is something like ‘why did you finally choose this? What motivates you?’.

Yes, defining the motivation is really crucial when we start to think about a nomadic journey. It will keep the spirit alive if (maybe) the lights go low oneday.

Get to know more about digital nomad

We got many questions about it in our social media when we first announced that we finally did the nomadic journey. 

As a summary, digital nomad means people who embrace remote work and the use of telecommunications technology to actualize themselves/make a living. While the term nomad/nomadic means their location is independent, they can be wherever they want, around the globe.

This lifestyle has been rising up recently, not only with (solo) millennials but also families with kids. Although it will need careful consideration and can be (undoubtedly) challenging to travel with kids, but it will leave a good priceless memory as well.

Are you ready to face many more uncertainties in life?

If we can say, becoming a nomadic entity means we will be ready for dealing with many things about the uncertainties of life. Even though we made money, secured our position by doing a stable remote job, but of course, a difficult situation will find us oneday. But once again, the motivations keep us alive.

Living away from our comfort zone also means dealing with some new social life and cultures which make us (and also the children) should easily make an adjustment

New life, new place, new hope of better life quality

For us personally, the term ‘better life quality’ and ‘freedom’ became the major key of what finally motivates us to do the journey. Yes, it is not only about us, the adults, but also our children. Let’s break it down in details:

- The willingness of being away and get a freedom from our external-social life pressure (which is give the most impact on our mental health previously)

- The urge to ‘grow our own ponds’ for nurturing life and set up the suitable life for our family

- The desire to choose a peaceful ground for growing up the happy little soul kids

There are some obstacles about our previous social lifes which made it difficult to foresee a solid future there and being a digital nomad was our seriously-careful decision.

This part is actually really personal. It can be based on someone's past life experience that shapes another motivation to do the journey. There will be different reasons from one to another but it makes the journey become special.

Last but not least,

Please put ‘defining the motivation’ as the first thing to do before deciding the nomadic journey. It must be kept in mind (and heart) so there is no way to give up if we really know what our true motivation is.

There are some books which are quite familiar to digital nomaders such as ‘A Million Miles in A Thousand Years’ by Donald Miller and ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferris. This book gives another perspective of how life could be different and interestingly challenging, a must read!