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Beginning the Nomadic: What a Motivation : Why?

This will be a continuous article of how we prepare our digital nomad journey.

Letsflow Family

2021-10-22 2 min read

5 Interesting Experiences as A Nomadic Family in Ankara

We found interesting activities during our time live in Ankara.

Letsflow Family

2021-10-10 7 min read

Meet The Team

Please welcome our team and know each other.

Letsflow Family

2021-10-06 4 min read


Heyho! How are your sky today, guys?

It has been a while since our last update here. The past week was really challenging for us (and every parents we guess! Haha) because the kids have been going through some new milestone: potty-training-master for Adeeva and wonderweeks-growth spurt-winner for Omar. Therefore, we needed to put more intensive attention for them during the day and night 🧘‍♀️ 

But finally (and luckily) 'the storm' has passed and we are in 'a bright cloud' today. Adeeva has officially being away from diapers and Omar seems to be a calmer boy with a new phase of communication and linguistics ability.

Last but not least, we are back to our blogging routine this Thursday with 2 new articles update! Thank you for being faithfully waiting. Hope you guys have a nice and wonderful day 🤍

*this beautiful artwork is credited to @phihaaa @itsphiiu a magical talented artist who always put a good artistic work to our illustrations 🤍
Great panoramic view of Ankara from @atakuleofficial. An excellent location in the midst of Botanic Park and shopping mall.

The mall rooftop - outer decks is the best place for having some good pictures or just chill and enjoy the view and freshness.

Seems that we have a pleasure time in a one place; park, greeneries, outdoor activities and.. (every woman best place: shopping mall) 🤍
Lahmacun, often called Turkish Pizza. Super thin crust topped with minced meat, minced vegetables and herbs.

It need to be rolled up or folded before so will be easier to put in mouth, but unfortunately, Adeeva has her own style to eat (video 2) 😂

Kids favorite so far for snacking times 🤩

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